We’re proud to introduce BrandLaunchX, our drug launch platform with inbuilt intelligence.

Why is it essential for any ambitious company?

- Because drug launches so often fail, as these brands below demonstrate:

And these examples are just the tip of the iceberg.

Dozens of drug launches fail every year, costing companies hundreds of millions of dollars according to our estimates.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

BrandLaunchX is an AI assisted, web-based drug launch platform that connects people, intelligence, and target audiences.

It integrates complex information streams, provides intelligent outputs and drives faster and smarter decision-making.

BrandLaunchX improves:

- Planning, communication and reporting
- Performance monitoring and impact prediction
- Recommendations and actions

BrandLaunchX ensures launch success on a global to local scale with:

- Complex launch planning and implementation optimisation
- Highly efficient internal and external communication
- Real-time visibility of critical tasks and delays
- Seamless sharing of vital insights
- Unified performance reporting
- Global to local synchronisation across companies

The consequences of not connecting the right people at the right time, defining key launch tasks early enough and failing to share critical insight between Medical, Market Access, Marketing and Sales teams can really cost you.

- Global Brand Director, Leading European Pharma

Our flagship BrandLaunchX is not our only indispensable offering to pharma biotech companies.

The platform is supported by a suite of auxiliary services:

Smarter, faster and more cost effective conference coverage

CongreX uses a unique mix of digital technology and highly experienced indication analysts to build market insight and drive down the cost of conference coverage, without compromising quality.

Real-time competitor and market insight

Our AI based intelligence reporting captures competitor news and insights faster and more efficiently. News is delivered in real-time using the JustCIX App, allowing brands more time to react.

Brand support when you need it

Our highly experienced pharma brand launch experts provide the extra support you need when you need it, from market analysis to strategic development, medical, market access, marketing and sales.